The Definitive Ranking of All 14 Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

3. Marvel’s The Avengers

Seeing The Avengers all on the big screen together gave me chills. That scene when they’re all standing in the middle of New York as the generic aliens float around them was iconic. The first time you see Captain America, Iron Man and Thor all beat the shit out of each other was one of the best moments in film history.

Loki is the only Marvel villain that matters and he turned The Avengers on their head. Also, shout out to Mark Ruffalo for kicking Ed Norton out of the paint and becoming the cool and buff Bruce Banner. Oh, and Samuel L. Jackson is cool as shit.

This movie is the reason why we are finally getting King Kong vs. Godzilla. We are getting a new monster universe starting with The Mummy starring Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe. The Avengers changed the way studio’s build franchises.

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