Jan 11, 2012

The 5 Teachers You Had In High School

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The 5 Teachers You Had In High School

High School teachers are pretty much just like high school students except they have to pay back their college loans so why not become a teacher or whatever.

1. The Wet Dream. hot high school teachers

She’s about 5 years older than you and you have no idea how she is teaching a high school course. She dresses inappropriately and she flirts constantly. The worst part is that for whatever reason, you believe that you actually have a chance at sleeping with this woman. You don’t. When you’re a 14 year old boy, all female high school teachers are the wet dream.



2. The Predator.predator high school teachers

Much like the wet dream, the predator is also very flirty. The problem is they’re usually a middle aged man hitting on young girls half their age. They got into teaching high school for the sole purpose of being surrounded by innocence. The predator feeds off of naive girls in order to survive. If you stay after school with the predator, they will touch you.

3. The Telegraph. telegraph high school teachers

This teacher is old and completely out of date. They use textbooks from the 60’s and make references to things you’ve never heard of. They still have no idea that the Cold War is over. The telegraph was useful in the 1800’s but they are completely irrelevant today.

4. The C Student. dunce high school teachers

There is always a teacher that appears to have no idea what they’re talking about. They ask you questions that they do not even know the answers to. They earned a teaching degree but just barely. They were a C student in college and decided to be a teacher because, well just because. If they took the same final exam that they made you take, chances are they’d end up with a lower grade.

5. The Buddy. cool high school teachers

The buddy is the teacher that tries their hardest to be cool. They don’t give homework and their tests are a joke. Their ‘cool’ teaching style is so different and edgy. They show movies with nudity and have class outside sometimes. You walk away from that class with one more friend and no actual knowledge.

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