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Noah Syndergaard Has No Regrets Rejecting MRI Before Getting Injured

Syndergaard was asked about his injury and the days leading up to it during a Thursday appearance on WFAN Radio’s Boomer & Carton (via 

“No, no regrets for me really,” he said. “There was nothing structurally wrong. I was able to go out there and play catch and throw all those bullpens. I felt great, ready to (start) that Sunday. But something happened.”

(Bleacher Report)

At what point do we grow tired of the machismo of the New York Mets pitching staff and start to realize that these guys absolutely blew their window to win a championship. Matt Harvey doesn’t show up to games because he’s got a cocaine hangover and Noah Syndergaard destroys his arm and says ‘eh, I’ll just pitch through it’.

Having said that, I LOVE the machismo in the Mets clubhouse. Ever since David Wright threw out Noah Syndergaard’s lunch like he was Regina George, I’ve been all in on the Mets. 1 Matt Harvey and Noah are probably rolling blunts right this second.

I don’t want to wish injury on anyone but I really hope every single pitcher on the Mets keeps randomly getting hurt. I cannot get enough of this training staff failing to keep any players on the field. LGM.




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  1. Only the Mets off the field. One the field I give no fucks.

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