David Lee Signs With the San Antonio Spurs, Tim Duncan Who?

Hey, Tim Duncan um…SEEEE YAAAA. Are David Lee Spurs jerseys the highest selling in the NBA yet? Eh, I don’t look up at facts here so I’ll just assume people across Texas are throwing their Duncan jerseys in the trash now that the GAWD, David Lee has entered the building.

I would say the torch has been passed but that would assume that Duncan is even on the same level as Lee to have a torch to pass on. Duncan is now just some ghost that I’m not even sure ever really existed. All i know is that David Lee is back in black and the San Antonio Spurs are probably going to win the NBA Championship this year now.


Sidenote: Lee gets a player option? Really? His agent might be the best in NBA history if he got this motherfucker a player option.


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