May 3, 2012
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Crazy Women in History

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Crazy Women in History







Sappho is one of the greatest poets from Ancient Greece. She was said to have written an immense amount literature but over time a lot of her work has been lost. Out of what was left, we find the crazy part of this writer’s life. She was from the Greek Island of Lesbos and very much was one. A majority of her poems were dedicated to lesbian love fests. I assume that’s what makes her writings so popular.



Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. She stayed very active in the political affairs of Greece and Rome. It has been said that Cleopatra was very beautiful and used this to get whatever she wanted. She seduced Julius Caesar, the ruler of the Roman Republic, in order to gain more influence in the ancient world.

            Following Caesar’s assassination,Romewent in chaos and two potential leaders arose to fight for control on the nation. Sadly Cleopatra aligned herself with the loser Mark Anthony. After losing the final battle, he blamed Cleopatra. Out of fear of what Marc Anthony would do, she told messengers to inform Anthony of her death. Mark Anthony killed himself moments later. So the only logical thing left for Cleopatra to do was go ahead and kill herself too. It’s safe to say that neither one of them were all to sane.

Joan of Arc


The Hundred Years War was a brutal struggle between France and England over European territory and complete bragging rights. This war was meant to settle once and for all which nation was better,France or Britain. After losing many consecutive battles, the French became desperate. Along comes young Joan of Arc.

In 1424, at the age of 12, Joan of Arc saw visions of three saints in a field. The saints told her to defeat the English and restore French territories.  Eventually she met with King CharlesVIIand informed him of her visions. The crazy part is that she led the French army personally in battle. She was 16. Oh yea, she won the war for the French.

Catherine the Great


Catherine the Great is the most powerful woman in the history of Russia. Her rule as empress is considered by many to be the Golden Age of Russia. She had the respect of everyone she ruled over. That’s not the crazy part. Rumors of how Catherine actually died make her crazy. There is a belief that Catherine died from attempting to have sex with a horse. I’m pretty sure normal people don’t have those rumors after they die. Only people that you know, have sex with horses.

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