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Cleveland Cavaliers Overcame 26-Point Deficit To Go Up 3-0 On The Indiana Pacers

I wanted to make fun of LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers so badly for giving up the number 1 seed to the Boston Celtics but it appears as though it was planned out and everything worked out perfectly. Instead of battling the Chicago Bulls, they’re pissing all over the Indiana Pacers. As it was written.

I don’t really want to praise the Cavs here as much as I want to take this opportunity to shit all over the Indiana Pacers. Paul George scored 36 points as he teammates withered behind him and defensively, allowed Cleveland to do whatever they want.

There’s nothing I wanted to see more than Boston trading for Paul George and becoming a super team. Now, instead of Boston and Cleveland preparing for an Eastern Conference showdown, we have the Pacers and Celtics getting swept out of the first round and now I have to watch the Chicago Bulls try to play basketball.

I hate Cleveland.




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