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The 10 Greatest Kanye West Moments On June 18, Kanye West will be releasing his new album entitled Yeezus. Before the...
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Dead Serious News: Woman Claims to See Ghost
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In today's musical landscape it's all too easy to take the artists we enjoy for granted. We may question their songwriting ability, we may...
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2012 Year in Review: Music Madonna embarrasses herself at the Super Bowl Halftime Show and singer M.IA. uses her chance at major...
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What Your Favorite Rapper Says About You Part II       2 Chainz 
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10 Worst Lil’ Wayne Lines   Sadly i had to lower a list of 100 terrible lil wayne lines down to just 10
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6 Types of Music Listeners     Radio Admirer.    Whatever comes on...
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Bands of the 60’s  a quick recap of the top bands in the 1960's   Cream 

The Best of the Best

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5 Reasons Why Monogamy is Dead With couples filling for divorce so frequently, it may be time to declare monogamy dead....