Lorena Bobbitt On Trial

Today in History: Lorena Bobbitt’s Revenge

Today in History: Lorena Bobbitt’s Revenge June 23, 1993 After being fed up with her abusive relationship with her husband, Lorena Bobbitt cut off her husband’s penis in the middle of the night. Luckily for John Bobbitt, the doctors were able to save his penis in a nine and a half hour operation. Sorry to […]

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oj simpson

Today in History: OJ’s Bronco Chase

Today in History: OJ’s Bronco Chase June 17, 1994 After “allegedly” murdering his ex-wife, former football all-star, OJ Simpson made the news exciting again by going on a high speed chase from the police. Every major network showed the live helicopter footage of the chase. 95 million people watched OJ Simpson run from the cops, […]

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Pope Benedict

Dead Seriousness News: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns Papacy, Converts to Islam

HOLY SEE – In a shocking press conference Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI revealed to the world that he will be stepping down from the Catholic Church’s highest office. “Through prayer and reflection over the past years,” the world’s holiest man began, “I’ve realized that Allah is the one true God.” Amid clattering camera shutters and […]

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Confederate States of America

Central PA Man Discovers Confederacy Didn’t Win Civil War

Buck Heston of New Enterprise, PA recently discovered that the Confederate States of America did not win the Civil War, as he had been led to believe. His sickening realization came at the hands of a breaking press conference by the President that interrupted his regular viewing of Duck Dynasty. It was the first time […]

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Predictions Made By Other Ancient Civilizations

Predictions Made By Other Ancient Civilizations     For those that believe the Mayans prediction of the apocalypse will occur, here are some other ancient civilizations that had their own (inaccurate) predictions. Mesopotamia If you travel too far west, you fall off of the Earth. Ancient Egypt   Rihanna would never go back to Chris […]

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joan of arc

Crazy Women in History

Crazy Women in History           Sappho Sappho is one of the greatest poets from Ancient Greece. She was said to have written an immense amount literature but over time a lot of her work has been lost. Out of what was left, we find the crazy part of this writer’s life. […]

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10 Greatest Rivalries in History

10 Greatest Rivalries in History       Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla Alexander Hamilton vs. Aaron Burr George Washington vs. Benedict Arnold StonewallJacksonvs. Robert E. Lee  Vladimir Lenin vs. Leon Trotsky Cortez vs. Montezuma Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant Roger Maris vs. Mickey Mantle George W. Bush vs. The English Language Mufasa vs. […]

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The Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers   America’s founding fathers in more realistic terms. John Adams No one really wants John Adams around but occasionally he has some good ideas. John Adams was the boring friend at the table that told awful stories that no one else cared about. Sure he’d eventually become president but that’s only because […]

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