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Woman Swerves to Avoid Hitting Cat, Hits a House Instead

A driver escaped unharmed Wednesday evening after slamming her car into a vacant home when she swerved to avoid hitting a cat.

City police say around 7:30 p.m., the unidentified female motorist was headed south on Center Street near South Church Street, when she ran off the road hitting the corner of an unoccupied house at 70 Center St. The woman told the investigating officer she swerved to miss hitting the feline in the road. Instead, she ended up putting a sizeable hole in the building’s foundation, according to police.

The driver wasn’t hurt and she wasn’t cited but her older model Pontiac sedan was totaled.

(Berkshire Eagle)


This is the first story in a new series here at Deadseriousness entitled ‘Cats Are Assholes’. Today we have a cocky cat just hanging out in the middle of the street as oncoming traffic has to swerve and hit homes in order to avoid the cat.

Cats are the worst.

How can you like an animal that simply has zero regard for human life. Scientist say that cockroaches can survive a nuclear blast and that they will outlive humanity but something tells me that cats will somehow find a way to escape the Apocalypse as well.

Cats are the worst.





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