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Carmelo Anthony Wants To Join the Boston Celtics

While Celtics management told the Knicks they aren’t interested in the nine-time All-Star, the Knicks are pushing to move Anthony, according to an NBA source, and they’re intrigued by some of the Celtics’ players.

A source indicated that Knicks president Phil Jackson has instructed management to move Anthony, who has a no-trade clause but included the Celtics as one of the teams for whom he’d waive the clause. Boston could become part of a potential three-team deal that would send Anthony to another club, perhaps the Clippers.

An NBA source said Celtics coach Brad Stevens would embrace coaching Anthony, but president of basketball operations Danny Ainge has rejected any deal. That hasn’t stopped the Knicks from scouting Celtics players just in case Boston is willing to become part of a trade.

(Boston Globe)


Well, this is the second time I’ve written about Carmelo Anthony’s willingness to join another team and the other team wanting nothing to do with him. Last week, LeBron James made it extremely clear that his team is better off without Carmelo. Now the Celtics front office is ignoring Phil Jackson’s calls.

Here’s the inherit problem with a Carmelo Anthony trade, no team involved in the deal gets better. What do the Celtics gain from acquiring Carmelo? Perhaps last year they desperately needed a 4th quarter shooter but those days are behind them as Isaiah Thomas is averaging 29 point per game and he leads the league in 4th quarter scoring.

What do the New York Knicks gain from trading Carmelo? The Celtics are 1000% not offering the Knicks any of their draft picks or star players. Chances are they will give away like, Amir Johnson or like Kelly Olynyk and I’ll hate the Knicks forever.

Just keep Carmelo and keep losing. Stick to the formula.




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