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Boxer Julio Chavez Jr. Gets $3 Million Check Robbed By a Group of Chicks

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. allegedly had the $3-million paycheck he received for his loss to Canelo Alvarez stolen during a night of partying at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Chavez’s wife, Frida, told ESPN Deportes’ Salvador Rodriguez, per the Daily Mail, her husband was robbed of his check, a $40,000 Hublot watch, and his phone by a group of women they met at the hotel bar. She also hinted that the women may have slipped something into his drink.

“I had the check on the table, and when I checked the next day, there was no check,” Frida said. “The watch was also gone.”



Anddd this is exactly why the sport of boxing is dead. Back in the good ol’ days, there weren’t a group of chicks in the world that thought they could rob Mike Tyson. There would be a pile of KOed broads with broken jaws if they even thought about stealing from Tyson.

I have no idea who Julio Chavez Jr is but clearly that is his own fault if he’s just leaving $3 million checks laying around while he’s in a room full of prostitutes.1 Shout out to his wife for just being the room with all these hookers and partying it up like she and her husband weren’t about to get robbed.

The worst part of this story is that Chavez lost the fight. Not only did he get his brains punched out but he didn’t get paid for it. What a weekend. What a time to be alive. Shout out to the cast of Ocean’s 8 for the heist. Anne Hathaway, you dirty dog.2



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  1. I assume they were whores, right?
  2. Still refuse to watch that movie when it comes out though

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