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Alex Rodriguez’s Pregame Notes Were All About Birth Control and ‘Pull Out Stuff’

On Thursday night, Alex Rodriguez made his debut in the broadcasting both and brought some interesting notes with him the booth. You have to respect his preparedness. He was ready to talk about literally anything on the course of the game including, pull out stuff.

What is pull out stuff?

Ever since I saw those three words next to each other, it’s the only thing that’s been on my brain. As someone who firmly believes that pulling out is the perfect birth control and is foolproof, I had no idea that there was ‘stuff’ I could use to help the process.

Is pull out stuff like, paper towels? Alex Rodriguez knows more than I could ever. I just want to spend an afternoon with A-Rod and pick his brain.1 It’s like he’s from the future and has knowledge that humans can’t even comprehend yet.

What is pull out stuff? The world isn’t ready to know.




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  1. and get the number to his HGH guy. I gotta get that summer body.

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